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How Well Does Hypnosis Work?

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behavioral Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

A comparative study from Health Magazine,  February 2007.  Your results may vary.

What Hypnosis Can Help With

  • Allergies/Asthma
  • Cigarette Dependence
  • Chronic Exhaustion
  • Gut Issues
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Migraines/Discomfort & Pain
  • Weight Release/Weight Loss
  • Chronic Negative Thought Patterns
  • Fears & Apprehensions
  • Gambling/Gaming
  • Inability to Focus or Concentrate
  • Insecure/Low Self-Esteem
  • Obsessive Mind
  • Unwanted Habits of All Kinds
  • Work or Relationship Stress
  • Child Challenges
  • Depression
  • Divorce Wounds
  • Excessive Anger/Frustration
  • Heartbreak
  • Panic Attacks
  • Trauma Recovery
  • And much more

How It Works

In the simplest of terms, hypnosis is a conversation with the subconscious part of your mind. The thoughts or beliefs held in our subconscious influence and often dictate our perceptions, emotions and behaviors. It is not mind control, but a process that allows you to communicate directly with your subconscious and then “reprogram” your mind to replace negative patterns of thought and behavior with positive, life-enhancing beliefs.

Will It Work For You?

The biggest struggle you will encounter with hypnotism is the belief that you – yes, you – can be hypnotized. To see if hypnosis will work for you, we’ve created this simple quiz to rule out any confusion.

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