Calypso Portugaels, CCH
Calypso discovered hypnosis first as a client, in fact, a skeptical one. It took 2 sessions to make her a believer. Then a 3rd one to make her realize she had come across a life- changing tool.
Today, it is her honor to be able to guide people toward the potential of true trance-formation.
From her work as a yoga and meditation teacher, Calypso has witnessed the vast power of the mind-body connection. And she’s learned to normalize practices that could seem a little esoteric or inaccessible.
She has studied around the world, letting her travels guide her toward a deeper understanding of the human condition.
Calypso believes that all you need to make deep, lasting change is a seed or an intention. With patience, kindness and always with humor, she will define with you the best way to work as a team toward your goal. For you, she will hold a space that is judgment-free and safe. And she’ll do all of that with a French accent! »
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Alicia O’Hara, CCH

Alicia combines her education and experience in hypnotherapy, behavioral techniques, meditation, life coaching and intuitive skills to help her clients release subconscious blocks and obstacles and accomplish their desired goals of health and wellbeing

Before becoming a healing arts practitioner, Alicia studied and practiced interior design, project management, and worked as a liaison officer helping students transition into their professional careers. These earlier careers gave her insight and understanding on how people tick, and it was through these insights, she realized she wanted to help others on a much deeper level.

In 2004, she discovered her true vocation when she began studying alternative therapies for her own personal growth. Through formal study of a variety of modalities Alicia learned to create lasting change for herself and gained the tools and techniques to help others do the same.

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Elizabeth Hamilton, RN, MA, CCH

Betty Hamilton is a retired nurse, spending the bulk of her career at Yale New Haven Hospital. She has a Masters in Experiential Healing, is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, a Reiki Master, Yogi and long-time meditator and meditation teacher.

Betty was chosen to join the Mind Matters family because of her extensive expertise in the workings of the body and mind from both the traditional and non-traditional perspectives. As a result, she has numerous tools in her toolbox and is fantastic at finding just the right tool to unlock her client’s healing potential. She has an amazingly positive outlook, that anything is possible mindset, and a great sense of humor.

Whether you’re struggling with a destructive habit like smoking or working to live a healthier lifestyle, clear fears such as flying or public speaking, want to have a normal sleep pattern or handle stress in a positive way, Betty CAN help. Because of her extensive medical background, she also specializes in helping clients go through surgical procedures with much more comfort and confidence. (Did you know that hypnosis has been proven to help patients heal 8 times faster?)

So many changes are possible with hypnosis, and because Betty complements her sessions with Reiki, meditation, and restorative Yoga (if you choose); the progress that her clients make is significant. We all have a thing or two that we’d like to improve for a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. Betty can help with whatever’s on your list.

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Shonda Howard, CHT

Shonda resides in Los Angeles, California and is helping clients all over the world through on-line video sessions! She combines her background in executive management coaching and human capital with her expertise as a Certified Hypnotherapist to help her clients achieve results.

Her style is direct, yet gentle and intuitive and she is committed to helping others create lasting change in their lives and become the best versions of themselves.

She loves hypnosis simply because it is the quickest and most direct route to creating change, and she has experienced this powerful tool firsthand as a client. Acting as the guide, she gives her clients the experience of removing blocks and finding the solutions, answers and guidance that they need to realize their desires.

She absolutely loves helping her clients realize their true power, and most importantly create change through hypnosis.

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Kaitlyn Czapiga, MA, CCH

After completing a year of her master’s program for Art Therapy, Kaitlyn knew she needed to shift her course—she felt there was something more she was meant to do. Soon she had started her own business after becoming a Reiki Master, studying the art of manifestation, learning the Human Design system, and being formally trained in Spiritual Life Coaching.

Realizing how powerful the subconscious mind is to create deeper understandings of Self and lasting changes, she felt strongly that hypnosis was the key to truly serving every person works with. Kaitlyn firmly believes that thought creates matter, so by shifting beliefs and thoughts in the subconscious mind, or inner reality, the external reality therefore must shift as well.

Her passion for spirituality and guiding others to learn more about who they are at their essence, fuels every session. Kaitlyn takes the time to recognize the soul sitting before her, and values every being, their circumstances, and their immense potential. She focuses on Self-leadership and understands the power each individual holds to transform themselves.

Kaitlyn advocates that every person on this planet has the power to create their own reality, and hypnosis is a crucial element in doing so. With courage, awareness, intention, and action, anything is possible through the infinite power of hypnosis.

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Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BCI

Founder and Former Owner – Lisa Retired January 2020

Lisa is one of the few Board-Certified Hypnotists and Hypnosis Instructors in New England. She is certified in advanced clinical hypnosis, regression, complimentary medical, child & adolescent and forensic hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also certified by the National Board of Hypnotists and is a member of the National Federation of Hypnotists. She has a Masters Degree in Alternative Health and Healing and a B.S. in Psychology. In the decade plus that she’s been in private practice, she has worked successfully with thousands of clients, both children and adults, on a myriad of issues. She’s also an author, a trance-formational speaker and high level Executive Hypno Coach.

Hypnosis is Ms. Zaccheo’s second career, her first being in advertising where she worked at the executive level for some of the largest advertising agencies in the country. After experiencing the power of therapeutic hypnosis, Lisa left the corporate world and has dedicated her life to sharing the mental, emotional and physical healing powers of hypnosis. She rejoices in the fact that she has found her “calling” and thoroughly enjoys helping people tap into the incredible power that’s within. She has been featured in numerous publications, as well as on the radio and TV.

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