Numb To Nicotine


This audio is designed for both people who have already quit, but still struggling with cravings, or those who’ve decided that it’s time.

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It leverages the power of hypnosis to focus the mind toward health and away from cigarettes, literally allowing the mind to become numb to all thoughts, ideas, cravings and desires for cigarettes. It’s an ideal partner to the I Am A Non-Smoker audios or can be used alone.
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  1. Lisa L

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quit in the past. The longest I was free of them was for 3 weeks and I was chewing Nicorette gum like a fiend. I spent more money on gum than cigarettes and it was still a major struggle. A friend of mine who has come to you for a number of things suggested your CDs. I bought them and have not had a cigarette (or gum) since. Unbelievably easy!

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