Some centers offer group sessions, which are appropriate for some issues; however, here at Mind Matters we’ve found the success rates for our clients have been significantly higher when we work one-on-one, as each of us are totally unique. Clients will often present with the same challenge, but the origins and backstory of that challenge will be different, and our goal is to find and clear the origin for lasting results. A good example of this phenomenon is smoking cessation: a group smoking cessation session will have around a 21% success rate, which is still higher than other methods, but our one-on-one sessions have a 96% success rate. Yes, it takes more time and effort, but we’re all about results so we feel it worth the investment. You can find some examples of what one-on-one sessions can help with here.

First Session: 2 Hours – $275 – $350*

Subsequent Sessions: 90 Minutes – $225 – $300*


Engage all your senses as you relax in a supportive, caring and safe space, while being guided into a deep meditation. Guided visualization is a great way to refuel and a powerful technique for making positive change, reducing stress, healing and achieving self-awareness. These sessions are especially helpful for those first-timers who are new to the process and maybe a bit hesitant about hypnosis and for those who find it difficult to meditate on their own.

60 Minutes – $150.00


This technique is based on Newton’s series of books about our Between Life experiences and soul family groupings. The theory is that we have profound experiences in the time between our incarnations, that involve reviewing our most recent past life, reconnection with our soul family, and most importantly the process of choices about our next existence based on what our soul needs as teachers and experiences to continue to grow and evolve. Many clients find this place as, if not more fascinating, than their past life experiences as they understand the different roles members of their soul family have experienced over many lifetimes and the theme issues that their souls have been working on through lifetimes.

90 Minutes – $225 to $300

2 hours – $275 – $350*


Many of you have experienced powerfully healing, guided hypnosis sessions, and some of you have been taught basic self-hypnosis. Imagine if your mind could be trained to drop into a very, very deep state of self-hypnosis in under a minute, and in that state could continue to work on bringing new programming into your subconscious mind? Or, take a powerful and healing hypno-nap? In this session, you’ll learn how to create positive suggestions in a way that the subconscious mind understands. There are endless uses for self-hypnosis, so join the few who enjoy having this amazing skill at their fingertips.

90 Minutes – $225 – $300*


Past life regression is a deep hypnotic tool used to uncover previous life experiences at the soul level. Regression is particularly helpful when you have an issue or problem that doesn’t seem to have a reasonable or rational cause. Fears, phobias, problematic personality traits and unexplained physical symptoms are examples of these types of issues. Past Life Regression hypnosis helps to find the root of the problem, heal it in the past, bring that healing forward to the present and achieve closure so you can move forward in this life and continue your soul’s growth and evolution.

Initial Session: 2 hours – $275 – $350*

Additional time, if needed: $138 – $175/hr


In an Ultra Height hypnosis session, you are guided to the highest level of mind and have access to all the information that resides up in the collective consciousness, including that part of you that has an objective birds eye view and calls the collective consciousness home. You also have access to the spirit of anyone who has passed over and can get the answers and closure that eluded you while they were still alive. Best of all, you have access to your soul, that oldest and wisest part of you that understands your life path and purpose and can help you see your challenges from a different perspective. A truly amazing experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

90 minutes – $225 to $300*

* Prices differ based on the experience level of your hypnotist and location