Hypno Coaching, like standard coaching on steroids, will help you break that cycle in your very first session by clearly establishing meaningful goals – heart goals and soul goals. The ones that have nothing to do with the “should.” We enter those goals into your mental GPS so all parts of you know the direction you’re heading, then we’ll dig even deeper into the motivation behind those goals and determine whether the motivation has the proper energy to sustain forward progress.

When you look back at the end of your coaching process, you’ll be pleased and amazed by all that you’ve accomplished and will recognize that you and your life are in a far better and different place, thinking; “If I could do all that, what else can I do?”

Phase 1: 6 Months, 12, 1- and 2-hour, in person and remote sessions: $2,200

Phase 2: 6 Months, 6, 1-hour sessions, in person or remote sessions: $900


We work with so many people who have been laid off and are at odds as to where to head next. Folks who are in a dead end job, or one that’s totally unfulfilling, but are afraid of change, or afraid that if they let go of the security of their current job, there won’t be a net to catch them when they make the leap.

Hypno Career Coaching can help with all of those issues and many more. Each and everyone of us is totally unique. We’ve been created exactly the way we’re supposed to be in order to serve our unique purpose, and our subconscious minds know exactly what that custom-tailored purpose is. We are not here to follow in our parents’ footsteps or anyone else’s for that matter. We’re here to contribute in a big way, and your subconscious mind will help you find that purpose, clear all the blocks of fear that have previously been in your way, and pave the path to a truly fulfilling and rewarding future.

Option 1: 6, 1- and 2-hour, in person and remote sessions over 3 months: $1,100

Option 2: 12, 1- and 2-hour, in person and remote sessions over 6 months: $2,200


Yes, you’re an executive, but you’re also a human being. You may be able to handle stress better than most, or at least appear to, but you have your challenges just like the rest of us. And, because of the demands of your busy life, you often put self-care at the end of your To Do list, which means that your personal challenges can mount in spite of your attempts to brush them off or push the aside.

As a leader, you also recognize that you health and wellbeing trickles down to those who support you and that the healthier you are mentally, emotionally and physically; the healthier those supporting you will be, and the healthier the company as a whole will be, which is win-win for all concerned.

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