Otherwise known as tapping or EFT, this technique has been around for over 20 years and has recently made a resurgence due to the numerous studies proving its effectiveness. This simple technique of tapping on certain acupressure points, while using the conscious mind language to release old pent-up emotional energy, is phenomenal at not only regulating your emotions, but removing blocks to energy flow that have over time led to physical issues. Join your EFT Practitioner for an hour session to identify and begin to clear the key things that you need to release for your health and wellbeing. You’ll also take home instructions so you can practice and refine this powerful tool on your own.

60 Minutes – $130


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This approach is perfect for those who deal with anxiety, depression and for anyone who wants to experience an overall feeling of wellbeing. Reiki removes blockages within the body so energy flows freely, promoting a healthy body, mind and spirit!

50 Minutes – $100.00


Health is defined as flowing energy; and disease, whether on the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level, is blocked energy. When source energy is flowing freely, we are in the flow and life is easy. When source energy is blocked, life is more difficult because we’re not as energized and supported as we could be. Blocks are almost always some form of fear that comes from inner thoughts or beliefs or a past experience that’s been haunting our memory. Whatever your blocks are, this subtle yet highly effective technique can help you.

90 Minutes – $200


If you’re a former client who has worked with Lisa in the last couple years, you’ve probably experienced her scanning your system at the beginning of your session and picking up some pretty accurate and detailed information about what’s presently going on in your life, what’s happened in your past and what she sees in your future. Being a hypnotist for the past 14 years, she’s developed a great connection with her subconscious and superconscious minds and is able to drop into a deep trance to access information that’s important and pertinent to you. Many psychics will use divining tools like tarot or angel cards, or a piece of jewelry, to connect with your energy. Lisa goes directly to the source and provides valuable guidance and understanding.

90 minutes – $250
60 minutes – $200


Future Mapping is an amazingly powerful and creative technique to reach any goal, whether it’s writing a book, creating a business plan or reaching your ideal weight. By removing limiting beliefs and self-constructed barriers on the conscious and subconscious levels, you literally draw your own map that leads directly to your ideal future. Think outside the box and watch as the reality that surrounds you immediately transforms, all while you access resources that remove past limitations from your future equation and dissolve resistance from your plan of action. Fun and profound!

90 Minutes $200.00