Because hypnosis allows you to edit your mental software, so that you can achieve your optimal state of health and happiness, it can be of benefit to virtually everyone. That said, we’ve developed programs that address some of challenges that are most common and that hypnosis is amazingly helpful with. These include (but are not limited to):

      • Divorce / Grief Recovery (Typically 2-5 sessions)
      • Habits / Phobias (Typically 1-3 sessions)
      • Hypnosis for Children learn more
      • Medical Hypnosis learn more
      • Mind and Emotion Hypnosis learn more
      • Metaphysical Hypnosis (Past Life Regression)
      • Self-Hypnosis (Typically 1 session)
      • Smoking Cessation learn more
      • Weight Release learn more
      • And Much More… learn more

If you are looking for a complete list of things hypnosis can help with, you can find that here.

Benefits of Hypnosis Over Other Treatments

From a biological standpoint, hypnosis enables the two hemispheres of your brain to share what they know with each other much faster than normal, which is why it’s often called “whole brain thinking.”

It is a natural state that your mind passes through several times a day, which means it is completely safe. It requires no drugs, needles, herbs, or supplements (saving you on cost and protecting you from unwanted side effects.)

The type of hypnosis we specialize in here at the Center focuses on the root cause of your issue rather than just the symptoms, so you can see results faster as issues are addressed in a matter of hours vs. weeks, months, or years. However, the biggest benefit is that by addressing the root cause of the issue, you will find that the positive changes, growth, and healing experienced through hypnosis are (in most cases) permanent.


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